Leftist Radical Rakes MAGA Man for Hat, Gets Herself Fired

Richard Johnson, the owner of the music store where Rebecca Mankey worked, said she was fired because her actions, to accost a man for wearing a MAGA hat as if that means the man is racist and fascist, conflict with his beliefs and values. (KTVU photo)

The Daily Mail – A music store employee who ranted at an elderly man because she saw him wearing a Make America Great Again hat outside a Palo Alto Starbucks has been fired.

Rebecca Mankey, from Palo Alto, California, allegedly branded the 74-year-old Jewish Trump supporter “racist” and a “Nazi” before boasting about her attack online.

Mankey, admitted in a long Facebook post that she shouted at Victor and called for anyone who saw the man to “please confront him.” The post was spotted by her boss which eventually led to Mankey losing her job.

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