Leftists Swap Mexican for American Flags at ICE Detention Center

Leftist agitants for open borders raised a Mexican flag and a defaced "Blue Lives Matter" banner at an ICE detention center in Colorado Friday. (KDVR photo)

The Daily Mail – Anti-ICE protesters at a migrant detention center in Colorado Friday took down the state’s flag and the U.S. flag before hoisting a Mexican flag and a defaced Blue Lives Matter flag in their place.

Chief Nick Metz described in a tweet that the majority of the protesters at the Aurora ICE Processing Center were peaceful, even thanking those who, “took the time to thank my cops.”

But a separate group split from the majority, storming the barriers and pulling down the Colorado and U.S. flags. They then hoisted a Mexican flag in place of the state’s flag and a defaced “Blue Lives Matter” flag in place of the American flag.

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