LGBT Teaching Program for Christian Kids is Apostasy from Biblical Belief

As the homosexual ideology gains power throughout the west, as demonstrated in a recent Toronto, Canada march, it is think tanks like Educate and Celebrate that provide its philosophical and educational underpinning. (DailyFinland photo)

Educate and Celebrate aims to infiltrate Christian schools with homosexual and transgender lies.

One of the Educate and Celebrate program implementation guides is specifically aimed to begin as an anti-bullying campaign, but then gradually convert Christian schools to homosexual beliefs.

Guide materials come complete with song and activity books, and lesson plans that praise the pattern of unbiblical, sexually debased beliefs that ask children to speculate beyond observable, biological facts, “Are You a Boy, or Are You a Girl?”

the parent think tank of the same name, super-funded by ultra-liberal Goldsmiths University of London, offers its curriculum programs in the name of inclusion.

Program documents obtained last week by the Christian Action Network reveal shocking progress in British test schools. They want to multiply on that template for implementation across the globe, including in America.

This is nothing else than organized infiltration of these schools with teachings that deny scripture, as our first installment of this report describes.

The plan is to introduce a program labeled as a campaign to end bullying, but it quickly pivots to the real aim: use of Educate & Celebrate materials that they would gradually “embed” into the other school teachings.

Children of Hollins-Grundy Primary School, Bury, UK, were paraded into order Feb. 2018, for their celebration of “Rainbow Week,” teaching diversity of sexual choice: homosexual, bisexual, transgender and gender-queer. (Hollins-Grundy photo)

So programming students happens through subtle teaching, “across the curriculum and within the school environment,” according to statements noted in the curriculum program guide.

To “usualize” means to make normal. In this case, it is the lifestyles of homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders, “with full usualizing achieved by the end of the school year,” the program guide states.

This means any success is based on subterfuge: gradual building on oft-repeated new terms and concepts that are presented under false pretenses as an anti-bullying campaign.

They indicate success, achieving the normalizing goal, normalizing homosexual, transgender and other openly sexual ideas, at Christian schools.

After a successful year ends, a new stage of programming exploitation begins. The bottom line is a stunning statement of conclusion by the Educate and Celebrate leadership team:

“All students of all ages became adept at talking through the issues, often independently arriving at the idea that the idea of a higher power and/or a creator could legitimately result in the existence of LGBT+ people.”

In other words, students, guided in the direction of new beliefs first, embedded in other school teachings, presented as an anti-bullying campaign, eventually responded to what teachers wanted them to think.

The students chose to agree: God created people to be homosexual, bisexual, transgender or whatever they decided to believe about themselves or others may believe of them.

From that point of success, the program guides in the coaxing of little homosexual, bisexual and transgender students, to “come out” and “to be themselves at school.” (This is at their religious, Christian schools.)

Later, homosexual, bisexual and transgender teachers are urged to do likewise, at their religious, Christian schools.

If needed, certain difficult parents would get confronted by English law, namely the Equality Act of 2010, that includes directives to religious institutions, according to curriculum leaders.

“Deconstruct the stereotyped view of a promiscuous ‘LGBT+ lifestyle’”

They also urge, “appealing to parents’ religious commitment to kindness to one’s neighbor.”

The program also trains teachers and school officials how to tactfully refer to and utilize “inclusiveness” concepts culled from that 2010 act of British Parliament.

Without directly addressing faculty and staff issues, guide materials note that problematic staff members who have religion-based viewpoints are to be dealt with “pragmatically” to “accommodate” some views, “without undermining the program.”

Once the additional stage of success is reached: noting the new beliefs after about a year, and then celebrating the “outed” practicing members of homosexual, bisexual, transgender and other sexual lifestyles – at these Christian schools – young and old, then sustaining the new norms begins.

Sustaining these new norms includes maintaining a continuous address of “homophobic, biphobic and transphobic behavior.”

“Deconstruct the stereotyped view of a promiscuous ‘LGBT+ lifestyle’ among parents, (and other critics) providing reassurance that the program is about respecting and accepting differences in people’s relationships and identities,” states the curriculum guide.

Other sustaining efforts are organized through annual or recurrent celebrations of, “the school’s inclusivity with the community . . . through joyful bake-off events, Rainbow Weeks, Color Runs and Community Showcases.”

(All quoted portions are taken directly from the curriculum guide.)

The stated goals can also be interpreted is simply the conforming of religious-based schools, including our Christian schools, away from any semblance of Christian faith and faithfulness to scripture to a false religion that no longer recognizes scripture at all.



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