LGBTQ Militants Plan ‘Direct Action’ Against ‘Hateful Bigot’ Christians

Pro-LGBTQ militants, including strippers and Drag Queen Story Hour "performers" planned "direct action" against pro-life Christians who are holding their annual rallies in Milwaukee this week, focusing their efforts on "trashing" the Christians as hateful bigots. Operation Save America claims to be ready, responding: "God said, 'All they that hate me love death' (Proverbs 8:36). The lovers of death are coming." (Facebook photo)

Shepherd Express – The Garbage Fyre Festival, a week long counter-protest to a national anti-abortion event that will take place in and around Milwaukee from July 13-20, is coming to town this weekend.

The festival will involve a coalition of local and national activists, churches and performers that will involve direction action to counter the message of the Operation Save America rally.

Some of the events planned for the Garbage Fyre Festival, which was organized by Abortion Access Front, include live events such as comedy, burlesque and music. Operation Save America on the other hand will bring national voices to speak out against abortion rights and could include as many as 1,500 participants.

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