Lying Fantasies OK: Man Pretends Womanhood at Beauty Contest

The delusional fantasy of a man pretending to be a woman as if actually now female is central to Spain's contribution to the Miss Universe pageant. The politics of a Trump administration push for changes to the law to define gender by biological science is also a named motive for the charade. (Getty Images photo)

Note: CAN edits incorrect references to human biological sex, corrections are bracketed.

The Daily Mail – “Miss Spain’s” Angela Ponce is the first transgender contestant in the 66-year history of the Miss Universe competition – and [he] says [he] wants to send a message to President Donald Trump. The willowy beauty, 27, is making history since the pageant reversed a longstanding policy in 2012 that participants must be naturally born women.

Explaining [his] broad appeal, [he] said, “Who hasn’t suffered from prejudice? Who hasn’t had to deal with bullying?” The finals of the competition will be held early Monday in Thailand’s capital Bangkok and “Miss Spain” wants to highlight how the transgender community continues to be marginalized and misunderstood, with high rates of suicide.

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