Maryland to require schools to teach LGBTQ history

1970 Gay pride march in California

NYDailyNews. It’s LGBTQ history in the making.

The Maryland State Department of Education wants schools to start teaching kids about LGBTQ and disability rights history.

According to the local politics news site Maryland Matters, the move came after a push from state lawmakers late last month, who’d asked the state’s education department to include lessons of the historically underrepresented populations into schools curricula.

In a letter sent to Superintendent of Maryland Schools Karen Salmon on July 29, 35 delegates and 13 state senators wrote that “half a century [after the Stonewall riots], we can find room in our social studies curriculum to ensure that we are teaching the complete story of America.”

The letter, which was organized by Eric G. Luedtke, a Democratic Maryland House delegate, was signed by 34 other delegates and 13 state senators, stressed the importance of expanding the curriculum to add diversity to history classes.

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