Mattel releases transgender Barbie doll … for kids

Laverne Cox: Barbie/ Facebook

Children’s toy giant Mattel is doing its part to sexualize children, releasing a “Barbie Tribute Collection” doll that is based on a transgender actor.

Laverne Cox is a biological male who “identifies” as a woman, a concept that Mattel is expending money, time, reputation and talent to bring to the youngest children it can. According to Cox’s biography, which is enshrined on Twitter, he is a “Four time Emmy Nominated Actress and Emmy winning producer.”

“What excites me most about her being out in the world is that trans young people can see her and maybe get to purchase her and play with her, and know that there’s a Barbie made by Mattel, for the first time, in the likeness of a trans person,” Cox told People magazine, obviously excited to share his sexual tastes with impressionable children.

He also said, “That in this environment where trans kids are being attacked … this can also be a celebration of transness, and also a space for them to dream, understand and be reminded that trans is beautiful.”

People reported that Cox described being “very involved” in designing the doll.

“I was like, ‘Can we make her look more like me? And more African American?'” Cox said.

He went on to tell People that as a child he was not allowed to play with Barbie dolls, but that he bought one as an adult at the suggestion of his therapist.


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