McDonald’s Fires Employee Who Refused Service to Two Paramedics

Paramedic Anthony Quinn

McDonald’s has fired a worker at their Florida restaurant who refused to allow a paramedic to use its restroom and another to order food.

While on duty, paramedic Anthony Quinn wrote on his Facebook page that he entered the establishment last Friday to use the bathroom and was then confronted by an employee who told him “we don’t accept officers in here.”

“I tell her I’m not an officer. She then says anyone with a badge. Then says it to my partner as he walks in to order food, says we don’t serve your kind here.”

Quinn asked his followers to share his post.

The Caspers Company, which manages that particular McDonald’s, responded with its own Facebook posting and noted the employee had been terminated.

“What occurred does not reflect the values of our brand, our franchise, or the love and admiration we have demonstrated consistently for our friends in law enforcement and first responders. We have reached out to offer our sincerest apology.”

Quinn apparently accepted the apology and offered his own, saying in another Facebook post, “There were other ways the situation could have been handled, that’s my fault and I apologize.”


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