Mississippi Heartbeat Bill Headed to Court for ‘Worthy’ Fight

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed what critics called a doomed bill banning abortions after a detectable heartbeat is found in the in-utero person, but in an interview last week regarding the possibility of a lawsuit over the heartbeat law, Bryant welcomed the legal battle, calling it a worthy battle to wage. (Twitter photo)

The Christian Post – An abortion advocacy group is attempting to prevent a Mississippi law from taking effect that bans abortions when a baby’s heartbeat can first be detected.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed Senate Bill 2116 into law March 21. The law includes an exemption for abortions if it’s deemed a life-threatening medical emergency in which the baby cannot be saved.

The Center for Reproductive Rights expanded a preexisting lawsuit they had against Mississippi regarding earlier pro-life legislation to include the heartbeat abortion ban. Nancy Northup, president of the group, said in a statement released Thursday that she believes the heartbeat abortion ban is “a near total ban on abortion.”

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