MN bank tells MyPillow guy he’s a ‘reputational risk’ and to ‘leave their bank’

My Pillow/ Facebook

If the claims of President Donald Trump and his supporters about the 2020 election are so baseless and false, why can they not simply be laughed at?

Why must they and anyone who supports them be punished and silenced?

Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of MyPillow and a staunch supporter of Trump and claims about election rigging in 2020, told Business Insider on Jan. 14 that he’s been told by two financial institutions to pull his assets and go somewhere else.

The banks are Minnesota Bank & Trust and Heartland Financial USA.

Earlier this month the January 6 House Select Committee, consisting of Democrats and two virulently anti-Trump Republicans, subpoenaed the MyPillow CEO’s phone records over his ties to Trump.

Minnesota Bank & Trust was quick to bail on him, Lindell said.

“But what if somebody came in and said, ‘you know what, we’re gonna subpoena all of his account records, and this and that,’ and we make the news?” a man Lindell identified as Tom Cardle, a senior vice president at Minnesota Bank & Trust, said in recordings reported by Business Insider.

It was not clear how this might hurt the bank, apart from media coverage that might suddenly turn negative.

“Why did they wait till now?” Lindell asked. “There’s something behind this, and we can’t let everyone get de-banked in our country.” He said he does not intend to obey the bank’s requests and close the accounts.

“I’m not closing my accounts. They’re going to have to throw me out,” Lindell said, adding that this is an example of “cancel culture.”


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