Molotov cocktail thrown into office of Wisconsin pro-life group

Anti- Abortion Office/ Twitter

As progressives get increasingly shrill about a leaked Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, while authorities as lofty as the Biden White House refuse to condemn the leak to begin with, the reactions are getting more violent.

Madison, Wis. police are investigating a fiery and destructive attack on an anti-abortion group’s office as arson after some kind of gasoline bomb was tossed through the window early on May 8, according to reports rounded up by FOX News.

Wisconsin Family Action said someone threw what’s believed to have been a Molotov cocktail into its Madison office and wrote on a wall outside: “if abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either” in black spray paint. Several local news outlets covered the story and shared pictures of the damage, which included a broken window, charred windowsill, burnt books, ruined carpet and smoke and water damage.

Julaine K. Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, told a local news station that the attack on her office happened around 6 in the morning on Mother’s Day and that she did not know who is behind it. The group had recently been condemning the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion.

The pro-life nonprofit group has put out press releases recently slamming Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, Joe Biden and other Democrats, arguing in one May 6 release, “While refusing to properly define a woman, they fail to recognize that murder is objectively evil and that the right to life is the only right that exists in this case.”

Someone saw flames at the facility shortly after 6 a.m., and the Madison Fire Department responded and quickly put the fire out, a police report said. A police spokeswoman acknowledged that graffiti was found at the scene as well.

No one was injured.

“The Madison Police Department understands members of our community are feeling deep emotions due to the recent news involving the United States Supreme Court,” Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes said in a statement.


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