Mom lays the blame of trans daughter’s suicide on LA school system

Andrew Martinez/ GoFundMe

It appears that a California school system pressured a teen into “transitioning” to a new gender, steered her into foster care, and then blamed “higher rates of suicide” among “queer” young people when she leaped in front of a train and killed herself in September of 2019.

The girl, Yaeli Martinez, was 19 when she died. She was trying to become a male named Andrew Martinez.

Talking exclusively with, bereaved mother Abigail Martinez accused her Los Angeles County school of steering Yaeli into hormone treatments and undergo gender reassignment surgery as a child, and of not properly dealing with her severe depression.

Martinez claimed school staffers told Yaeli not to talk with parents about transgender issues. The 53-year-old mother of four, a native of El Salvador, said people at the school also had Yaeli join an LGBTQ group that persuaded the depressed and desperate teen that the only way for her to be happy was to transition.

An older “trans” student even coached her daughter on what to say to social workers to make sure she was put into foster care, so that the state would foot the medical bills for her gender reassignment.

In a statement to, the LA County school district admitted that they “aggressively pursued the implementation of inclusive, gender-affirming laws, policies and supportive services for LGBTQ+ youth.” Yaeli’s death was attributable to “higher rates of suicide” among queer young people, they said, adding that any claim that school employees pushed hormones or surgery on students was “categorically false.”

Martinez filed suit in 2020 claiming LA County and its Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) are responsible for her child’s death.

“She had these peers at school two years older than her. They were the ones who brought these ideas – ‘Maybe you’re depressed because don’t you feel like you’re a boy?’ – and the school was supportive of that.”


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