Mom who wants to turn son, 7, into girl wants judge off case

Anne Georgulas is pictured with her former husband, Jeffery Younger.

The mother of a 7-year-old Texas boy who wants to “transition” her son into a girl is now going after the judge in her custody case, saying the judge showed a lack of impartiality by commenting on the case on social media.

Anne Georgulas, a Coppell, Texas pediatrician who insists her 7-year-old son is a transgender girl, filed a motion Tuesday asking for the recusal of Dallas Judge Kim Cooks. She also asked for a motion to conform to a jury’s verdict that grants her sole custody of the boy and his twin sister.

The boy’s father, Jeffrey Younger, disagrees with the “transitioning” plans and has blogged that the child is likely to be “chemically castrated’ by his ex-wife. Georgulas said she is seeking only a social transition for the child and does not intend to place their child on drugs or hormones.

A jury granted Georgulas sole custody of the children, but Cooks instead upheld joint custody, placed a gag order on both parents and ordered therapy for the family as a result of intense publicity about the case.

Cooks reposted a story from The Dallas Morning News on Facebook that was originally posted by someone else with the caption “Here’s the truth! READ IT and THEN GO RUN TELL THAT!,” according to a statement from a friend of Georgulas.

In her resharing post, Cooks denied that the governor of Texas or the legislature had any influence on her decision.

The case became a GOP rallying point after Gov. Greg Abbott and some lawmakers promised that they would intervene. Abbott tweeted that the state attorney general’s office and Department of Family and Protective Services were looking into the case. Several conservative lawmakers have pledged to outlaw allowing Texas minors to transition by medical means.

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