Nearly 40% of Americans say the world is coming to an end – Video Podcast

Pew Research Survey says 47% percent of Christians and 67% of blacks think the end of the world is near. Here’s a short three-minute transcript of the podcast. In addition, our Shout Out Patriots team discusses research that child sex robots could “cure” pedophilia; libraries that slammed the door on actor Kirk Cameron religious book readings; teachers having to flee a violent FL school district; and a hospital giving a death sentence to 14yo girl needing a kidney transplant.

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Martin Mawyer: Welcome, everyone.  All right, so I’m reading that the end is nigh.

Four in ten adults say we are living in the end times.  Pew Research Center surveyed more than 10,000 adults and found that 39% called these the end times,  while 58% were assured that humanity was not careening towards catastrophe.

So are we living in the end times? Are we close to it? Alec, what do you say?

Alec: Define end times.

Martin Mawyer: That’s interesting because the Pew Research Center, as far as I know, doesn’t exactly have these 10,000 adults also explain what they mean by the end times, but I assume it means that the Earth is going to come to a cataclysmic end during their lifetime, and they have various reasons why it’s going to happen.

Not all of them agree that it’s going to be God throwing some type of lightning bolt against the world.

Alec Rooney: We got the Ukraine war and the threat of nuclear war there. We’ve got COVID.

Michael Mawyer: We’ve got all kinds of signs.

Alec Rooney: We’ve got supposedly climate change, which is making everything warmer. But how that’s going to suddenly, I don’t know how that makes it the end times.

Martin Mawyer: Well, according to the article, apparently the doomsdayers say that COVID-19 pandemic was one of the reasons why they think the world is about to end and fears of a warming global planet.

And that they are witnessing hurricanes and wildfires.

Alec Rooney: It’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside here right now. So being a little bit warmer would be fine with me. Unless the planet, like, suddenly warms up to 400 to 500 degrees.

Martin Mawyer: Well, I’m looking at from the writer’s perspective, and I think the writers just trying to make up their own particular version of why these people were saying what they’re saying.

And since writers and journalists typically tend to be liberal, the writers probably explaining why they might think the world would be coming to an end because of wildfires and hurricanes and a warming planet. But I kind of doubt that.

And the people that were polled indicate that, too.

So, 47% of Christians say that they are now living in the end of times. 9% of atheists,

Pastor Jason Binder: They better figure out what’s going to happen to them when the end comes. Right?

Martin Mawyer: Right. They should.  And here’s the surprising stat. Only 26% of Catholics think that we’re living in the end times.

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