Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Students told they were too WHITE for a school play – Video

Plus other topics: Bing Search gives praise to Jesus Christ, LA mayor says she won't hire right-wing cops; Military kids being indoctrinated to hate...

Chat GPT. Good, bad, perhaps evil? We debate – Video

Bill Gates invests $10 billion in Chat GPT and makes it part of Bing Search. But the left-leaning AI program is already bragging about...

Satanism Trends in America – Video

From After School Satan Clubs to a Satanic Grammys' performance, Beelzebub is in fashion. Watch the full episode here Martin: All right, so I want to...

Norway to study if white paint is racist – Video

In this episode of Shout Out Patriots: Kamala Harris leaves out “life” from Declaration of Independence, Tony Dungy apologizes for offending transgenders, School board...
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