New Fatwa Issued Against Journalists (& Children)


Leaders of Pakistan’s most deadly terrorist organization issued a recent “fatwa” – an Islamic edict – ordering their followers to kill journalists and those believed to be spies for the West, saying they are enemies of Islam.

The 30-page document titled “FATWA Regarding Dajjali Media, Who is Wrong? Who is Right?” was issued by the Terik-E-Taliban’s (TTP) Central Shura in Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt and includes Fox News, the Associated Press, the BBC, Pakistan’s GEO News, Al Jazeera and several other news outlets whose logos are on the cover of the document. That said, the document stipulates the edict is to be directed at any reporter or news organization they deem anti-Islamic.

The document, written in Urdu, has only been released on several Jihadi websites.

TheBlaze obtained the document this week and had it translated but chose not to publish it in its entirety out of the concern for journalists and other individuals working overseas.

“Those people who are working against Islam and supporting anti-Islamic powers you can kill them and those who are spying against Muslims if they are a woman or even a child you can kill them,” states the document.

“The Islamic war is not only against people with guns but those people who are working for the enemies of Islam and they are promoting their views and their news is also anti-Islamic.”

The terrorist organization states in the document that the “media and most journalists are talking against Islam, religious scholars, seminaries, holy warrior (Mujahadeen) and misinterpreting the Islamic principals.”

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Published on by Marty M. Source.