2 Out of 3 Countries Spreading Polio are Muslim

By Daniel Greenfield

And the third country, Cameroon,  is one fifth Muslim.

While India goes to Mars, Pakistan is leading the world in polio. It’s also one of three countries that are exporting polio to the rest of the world.

By Tuesday, the number of new polio cases in Pakistan stood at 202, and officials are bracing for potentially dozens of other cases by year’s end. Pakistan now accounts for 80 percent of global cases and is one of only three countries at risk of exporting the disease outside its borders, according to the World Health Organization.

80 percent. Pakistan is number one. The other Muslim country exporting polio is Syria.

Three of the 10 nations known to have polio have exported the virus outside their borders: Pakistan to Afghanistan, Cameroon to Equatorial Guinea, and Syria to Iraq.

Pakistan and Syria also exported Muslim terrorism to Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s only appropriate that they would also export polio.

WHO tried to impose travel restrictions on Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon.

Under the new recommendations, which are not legally binding but carry tremendous weight, the three countries deemed to pose the greatest risk of further spread—Pakistan, Cameroon, and Syria—must now ensure that all residents and long-term visitors have proof of recent polio vaccination before leaving the country. WHO is also encouraging the seven other nations known to have polio infections to implement similar measures.

Good luck with that. Meanwhile the West needs to act to impose restrictions on Pakistani settlers bringing terror and polio with them.


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