Muslim Pledges Allegiance to ISIS Outside Houston Mosque

By Daniel Greenfield

It’s just another mild autumn day in Houston. Just another Muslim pledging allegiance to the Islamic State outside a mosque. In Houston. Nothing to do with Islam. Must be more workplace violence.

As Ryan Mauro at the Clarion Project reports,

A shocking video has been posted online showing a Muslim-American in the Houston area pledging allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist group in front of a police officer while being escorted away from a mosque.

Baghdadi describes himself as an “Islamic Chaliphate [sic] State Fact Reporter” and identifies his locations as Houston, Las Vegas and Chicago on Twitter. He sent out a tweet describing himself as an “early student,” indicating that he may be a recent convert to Islam.

The video shows Baghdadi wearing pro-Islamic State attire at a mosque with a friend. The mosque is not specifically identified but is referred to by the acronym of “ISGH,” presumably the Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

The footage shows a police officer arriving at the mosque and a Muslim man complaining about Baghdadi. As he is escorted away, Baghdadi turns to his partner and requests, “In front of the police officers, will you please record this?”

He then raises his hand and pledges allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State terrorist group (more commonly known by the acronyms of ISIS or ISIL). The officer responds, “I don’t know what that means.”

“He’s the caliph of the Islamic State,” Baghdadi explains as the police officer walks away.

So why is the mosque kicking out our fearless Jihadi? Most US mosques are still linked up with the Muslim Brotherhood or the Saudis and therefore aren’t likely to welcome someone in ISIS gear. That doesn’t mean they’re “moderate”, just a different flavor of homicidal. By claiming to the Caliph, there are all sorts of practical Sharia implications for institutions in the US, and they aren’t about to recognize the Islamic State due to those conditions.

Also our friend here is apparently a recent convert which means that actual Arab Muslims or Pakistani Muslims aren’t likely to show him much respect on racial grounds.

Finally someone who walks into a mosque wearing ISIS gear will be assumed to be a provocateur for the police or the FBI.


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