Muslims Beat Man in Denmark for Calling Islam Violent

(B. after his meeting with three Muslim "asylum seekers")

(B. after his meeting with three Muslim "asylum seekers")

"B" was sitting in his garage in the city of Randers, Denmark, with a friend. The garage is used as a smoking room and they were also drinking a few beers.

Three Chechen asylum seekers aged 20 to 30 passed by and the Danes offered them a beer and a cigarette. Two of them disappeared for a moment, and B talked with the third in English. They talked about the reasons for their flight to Denmark.

B stated frankly that he believes Islam is "evil and violent." When the other two came back, the Chechen told his two friends about what B said, and one of the Chechens went crazy with a bottle while shouting: "So you hate Islam."

B was beaten twice in the head with a full bottle, and required nine stitches. The friend also wound up in the hospital. Both were kicked after they were on the ground.


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