Woman Murdered for Taking Sticker Off Mosque

An Asian cleaner murdered a Western woman after accusing her of entering a mosque in Abu Dhabi and taking off a sticker containing Koran verses.

The man told the court that he was cleaning in that area when he saw the woman going into the mosque without taking her shoes off.

He said the woman then angrily took off a sticker at the mosque entrance before she left, adding that he informed the mosque preacher about her.

“The cleaner said the preacher promised to inform authorities but he waited for two days and nothing happened….he said that he then decided to rebuke her,” the Arabic language daily Albayan said.

“The cleaner told court that when he tried to rebuke her, she dealt with him in an aggressive way, prompting him to get a knife and attack her.”

The paper said court hearings in the capital were adjourned to December 9 to allow the defendant to get a lawyer.


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