16-year-old Christian 'slave' gang raped for days

A gang of Muslims in Pakistan took a young Christian girl named Saba Bibi, who was one of their slaves, tied her up and each one took turns raping her for hours every day.

Saba and her family were slaves to Muslims at a brick kiln and it was in this place of slavery where they were tortured with these horrors.  Saba retold the story to us in an exclusive interview:

"That day I came home after work and two men caught me. When my father tried to save me, they pushed him and beat him so much. They took me to the kiln (working place) and tore off my clothes.

"I cried and begged before them, I screamed but they did not listen to me and they tied my hands and mouth. They tore off my clothes and five or six men raped me. They were five or six men and they raped me turn by turn. They kept me tied up for five, six hours."

The organization, Rescue Christians, rescued her, her father and the rest of her family, from this horror, as her father, Noor Masih, said:

"I met with a member of Rescue Christians and they asked me about my miseries. I was afraid to tell him anything and my daughter was also afraid to tell that the kiln owner might beat us.

"But he (the Rescue Christians members) comforted us and told us not to be afraid. He said that he will help us and save us from the kiln. Then me and my daughter told them everything. They made a plan and took us from there in the darkness of night and brought us to a safe place."


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