Beheading video claims 'infidel' Obama is next

Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists boasted in a video released on Monday that they would kill President Barack Obama in central New York, calling him an "infidel."

The video showed the decapitation of a Syrian government soldier, accused of being an 'unbeliever' because he is from the Alawite minority, as is the ruling clan of Syria. 

''The Islamic State is here and remains in Syrian territories,'' states a jihadist bending over the lifeless, decapitated soldier in the video.

The video, about four minutes long, shows an interrogation of a regime soldier by a number of militants, some of whom have their faces covered and some of whom do not

"He was condemned because he is an Alawite pig," says the jihadist, who then proceeds to threaten to kill Obama because he, too, is an ''unbeliever.''


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