Iranian teachers force students to eat feces

A group of Afghan students were punished and humiliated in Iran after they failed to bring study materials and their home work.

According to the local media reports, the group included four students who were all third graders and were subjected to punishment and humiliation.

The students have been identified as Hamid, Murtaza, Yaseen and Mohammad Reza, who were studying in a local school in the Pakdasht district. They were forced by the class teacher to put their hands in a toilet and eat the "dirt" with their filthy hands.

The reports published by local media agencies also added that the children were supervised while they were punished and humiliated by the class monitor.

The school where the incident took place is hosting nearly 10,000 Afghan students and 52,000 Iranians.

The relatives of the children have said that the school officials have warned them to close the school for the Afghans if further actions were taken and complaints were lodged regarding the incident.

According to the reports, the issue was made public, specifically to the media by the mother of one of the students.

In the meantime, the education officials in Pakdasht district have denied the humiliation of the Afghan students but cofirmed that the students were punished.


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