'To God, The Almighty Father, This was His Plan For Me to Expand His Kingdom'

Hassan Muwanguzi. (Morning Star News)

Hassan Muwanguzi. (Morning Star News)

According to a story by Morning Star News, Hassan Muwanguzi, who lost his wife and job as a schoolteacher shortly after his conversion in 2003, was hospitalized on March 31 in Mbale. That was after an aunt who called a family gathering in Kadimukoli village, Budaka District, put insecticide in his tea, he said.

 "After eating and taking tea, I started feeling stomachache, then I realized that she was the one responsible for it - and I believe she did not do it alone, since they have been hunting for me directly and indirectly, because when I left them and converted to Christianity it pained them so much," Muwanguzi said in an email.

He added, "The reason they want to kill me is very clear - it is because of being a convert to Christianity; above all, to them it is like I brought shame by converting, as a (former) sheikh. But to God the Almighty Father, this was His plan for me to expand His Kingdom."

A physician who treated him, identified only as Dr. Rashid, told Morning Star News that the substance Muwanguzi ingested was possibly diazinon. That's an organic acid used in insecticides, as his condition slightly improved under atropine, the antidote for diazinon.

"When Hassan Muwanguzi was brought in to our clinic, he was not able to take in food, including liquids, as he had vomiting with abdominal cramps," Morning Star News reported Dr. Rashid said.


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