Muslim Man Slits Throat of Wife, Daughters

In a horrific incident of attempted murder, a man cut the throats of his wife and two teenage daughters in Gujranwala, Pakistan, saying he was dubious about their character, Geo News reported on Saturday.

 The injured wife of the culprit said her husband was an addict and the couple used to have frequent domestic clashes. Last night he tried to kill her and while he was slitting her throat, his daughters woke up and he injured them too by attacking them with a knife.

 The three victims were brought to DHQ Hospital in critical condition where the woman recorded her statement.

 On the other hand, police took immediate action and arrested the culprit who was identified as Abdul Hameed.

 In his statement, Abdul Hameed told the police he doubted the character of his wife and daughters, and attempted to kill them as he was agitated by the disrespectful remarks made by local residents.


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