Father of UK Child Bride Gives Her Sex Advice

The father of a 12-year-old child bride gave her sex advice after her “wedding”, saying she should not use contraception, court papers claim.

Her 26-year-old husband was charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child after he “married” the young girl in an Islamic religious ceremony in her living room in the Hunter region on January 12.

They had met at a mosque through the girl’s 61-year-old Muslim convert father who charged with procuring his young daughter for sex.

The matter was in court this morning with the father expected to enter a plea but the Magistrate was told the parties needed more time to negotiate.

For the first time, The Daily Telegraph was granted access to court papers filed in support of a successful AVO application brought by the police against the girl’s father earlier this year.

Court papers claim that on the wedding night her father gave her sexual advice.

“The advice was that she should not use the contraceptive pill nor should (her husband) wear a condom when they have sexual intercourse,” the paper said.

The pair stayed in a motel in Nelson Bay on their wedding night and had sex several times that night, police allege.

They then moved into a place in southwest Sydney but visited her father’s home five different times during their “marriage”.

Her father even made the pair a Queen bed and on one occasion allegedly asked the girl if she was “clean” before morning prayers.

The girl told her father she needed a shower.

“The (girl) indicated that this is how the defendant would have known that (the man) and her were engaged in sexual intercourse within he defendant’s household on that particular morning,” the paper claim.

Police allege that the pair had sex almost every night before the man was arrested in February.

The AVO application claims the girls’ father has told police that he was trying to prevent “a sin” because sex before marriage was against his faith and he consented to the marriage because the girl was begin to “show interest in boys”.

When asked he would also allow his now eight-year-old to marry when she turned 12.

Police allege the man said he would if it was to prevent the sin of sex before marriage.

The child bride and her eight-year-old sister are in the care Department of Community Services.

The 26-year-old man is being held a Villawood Dentention Centre and the girl’s father is in custody.

They will both face court again in June.


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