Gang-Rape Victim Raped Again for Filing Complaint

(Translated) A 19-year old girl is in critical condition in Jinnah Hospital Lahore with multiple vaginal injuries where she was reportedly admitted by Rescue 1122 staff that recovered her in unconscious condition from Quad-i-Azam Industrial Area Township.

She claims she was brutally raped by 5 persons including two policemen because she submitted an application to Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif against alleged culprits who ganged raped her earlier and policemen who were harassing her. “Culprits are so powerful that main stream media is avoiding to highlight this case”, claimed people in hospital.

According to hospital sources, doctors recovered same application from her vagina because culprits after raping her put that same application inside her body.

According to her, she was raped in Industrial area sometime back and police did not take any action against culprits. She submitted an application against policemen and culprits to Chief Minister Punjab and went back to Karachi from where she belonged. Some days back she got telephone call from Lahore police and was directed to reach Lahore because of inquiry was started on her application.

She reached Lahore and was in contact with police officials on phone. When she came out of Kalma Chowk metro station, she was abducted by five alleged rappers who took her to the Defense Area and raped her brutally and then put her application that she submitted against them inside her private parts and threw her in Township Industrial area.

Hospital sources say her private parts are in a mutilation condition.


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