Religion of Peace Kills 1500 People in April

By: Rachel Molschky

The terror attack in China last week adds to a long list of violent killings around the world. Reading the news can be depressing with so much inhumanity and each day, more terror, more senseless killing. And there is one common thread to it all: Islam.

China is not a nation most people associate with Islam, but the “Uighur extremists” responsible for the attack at a Urumqi vegetable market, which killed 43 and wounded another 90 people, are Muslim.

An Associated Press article on the attack refers to the influence of “religious extremism.” While over half of the Chinese do not associate themselves with any religion at all, of those who do subscribe to a particular doctrine, the majority are Buddhist. Yet despite Buddhism’s dominance, this “religious extremism” did not come from that demographic.

Christians account for around 5% of the country, but this act of “religious extremism” cannot be attributed to Christianity. Nor was it Jewish, Hindu, or Taoist extremism. It was unequivocally, without a doubt, Islamic extremism; a heinous act carried out by people who come from a mere 2% of China’s total population. The people the media identifies as “radical separatists” are radical Muslims.

Can we stop playing around with words and just admit the truth? As Rick Moran points out in his article on American Thinker, when Christians bomb abortion clinics or kill abortion doctors, no one pretends they are not Christian. What’s more, they are quickly identified as such, and the press does not shy away from reporting on these incidents.

These abortion doctor killers get so much press, one might think there were scores of such types of murders. Actually, there have been around eight killings, four of them doctors. That’s right. Four abortion doctors have been murdered by radical Christians, and there have been 17 attempted murders since 1977 in the US and Canada. That’s a total of 25 people either killed or nearly killed over the course of 37 years and across two countries- two very large countries with a combined population of over 350 million.

And while it’s no excuse, these are people who are targeting specific doctors, not putting bombs on random buses, spraying bullets into a crowd or hacking to death school children and burning them alive like Boko Haram.

People on both sides of the abortion debate protest side-by-side.

Most importantly, the rest of the Christian community denounces such violence, and Christian doctrine does not condone murder or propagate hatred and violence. Christians may not agree with abortion, but rather than going out to abortion clinics to murder the doctors and staff, the vast majority approach the issue by trying to change the laws.

As for Jewish terrorists, there is one highly publicized case. Baruch Goldstein. But this case is extremely unusual. A doctor who had in the past treated Palestinians, after hearing about a terrorist threat and learning that authorities were doing nothing to stop it, he decided to take matters into his own hands in a preemptive attack, a sort of “get them before they get us.”

It was terror, it was murder, and it was wrong. But this one Jewish terrorist has become the poster child for the nonexistent Jewish terror, as Baruch Goldstein was a unique case against a backdrop of thousands upon thousands of terrorist acts perpetrated by Muslim Arabs against Israelis. (Rocket attacks alone are in the tens of thousands, not to mention suicide bombings and other murders where men, women and children have been hacked to pieces with an ax, shot, beaten to death, etc.)

As Daniel Pinner writes:

“…how many people today recall the murder of 13 Jews in the suicide bombing in Dizengoff Centre the day before Purim 18 years ago?

“How many people can recall with certainty in which year the Park Hotel suicide terror-bombing occurred, in which 30 Jews were murdered and another 140 injured while celebrating the Passover Seder?

“Does anyone, Jew or Muslim, still remember the massacre of 22 Jews by gunmen of Abu Nidal in the Neve Shalom Synagogue in Istanbul on 6th September 1986?

“Terrible as the act was, there is unquestionably hypocrisy in the annual hate-fest excoriating the one ‘Jewish terrorist’, by those who at best forget, and more usually attempt to justify, the many hundreds of Arab terrorists who have murdered thousands of Jews.”

Goldstein’s friend, David Wilder, explained that the night leading up to the attack, Arabs were chanting, “itbach el-Yahud,” (slaughter the Jews), yet the IDF did nothing.

Wilder writes: “The night before his attack, the evening of Purim, while reciting Megilat Esther, when we read about how Haman planned to annihilate the Jews, again, Arabs yelled and screamed, ‘itbach el-Yahud.’ Despite Goldstein’s protests, nothing was done to stop it.”

Combining this with the knowledge of the Arab plan to kill Jews the next day, Goldstein snapped.

Boko Haram

This was clearly an act of terror. But this is one horrific act. Just last week in Nigeria, Muslims slaughtered 150 Christians in one shot. Does anyone know the names of the perpetrators?

The following day another 49 were killed in two separate attacks in Nigeria by Muslim terrorists. Will they forever live in infamy? No. Because they are Muslim, and Muslim terrorism is a taboo topic.

These Muslim Uighur terrorists in China have been violently attacking civilians in recent months, so if the media wants to paint a picture of disgruntled “separatists,” it is important to note that besides this market attack on innocent civilians, their jihadist attacks have followed the Muslim protocol of targeting public transportation. They committed a bombing attack at a train station last month which killed three people (including two attackers) and wounded 79, as well as a gruesome stabbing attack in March, which left 33 dead and over 140 injured, again, at a railway station.

Why must we speak in riddles? It is what it is. The majority of the world’s terrorism is perpetrated by Islamists.

People are finally taking notice, at least with the kidnapped Nigerian girls, though Hillary Clinton had refused to classify the group as terrorist, and politicians and Muslim leaders, along with the media, are insisting Boko Haram is not Islamic. Would someone mind telling that to Boko Haram because I don’t think they would agree?!

Other terrorism in the past few days has occurred in China, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Nigeria. All of them, Islamic terror.

So far this year there have been Muslim terror attacks, (in alphabetical order), in: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Central African Republic (CAR), Chechnya, China, Dagestan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti , Egypt, Ghana, India, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, the United States and Yemen. If I didn’t miss any and counted correctly, that’s 36 countries afflicted with Muslim terror in a five-month period.

A week ago, over 300 people died and more than 500 were wounded resulting from jihad, and during the month of April, over 1500 people lost their lives and nearly 2500 were critically injured. This is one month only. It is not some extraordinary month. Just a typical month out of the year with a normal amount of Islamic terror.

People worry over the starving children in Africa and about those who do not have a clean water supply. These are indeed important issues, but why is the violence ignored? The attitude seems to be that a child had better not die of starvation, but if a Muslim kills him, no biggie.

This is an epidemic. Political correctness cannot gloss over the truth. Sooner or later, people will have no choice but to wake up.


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