Imam Nabbed for Raping Toddler Brothers

An imam of a mosque in southern Morocco has been arrested, accused of having repeatedly raped two brothers aged 2 and 4, as recounted today in the daily Aujourd'hui le Maroc .

The magnet, 52 and single, has held office for 16 years in the town of Chamaia, between the cities of Safi and Marrakech, and it is possible that there also abused other children.

The man in charge of the mosque in the modest neighborhood of Al Jair, the two brothers drew offering candy taking advantage of playing in the street unsupervised, as is common in many areas of Morocco.

The smallest of children, age 2, her mother complained of strong pain and tears when she found out, asked who had provoked and less accused the magnet. In the nearest hospital, an examination confirmed that the child had been the victim of rape, after which the woman put complaint against the imam and he was arrested.


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