Radicalized Muslims Better Educated, Wealthier

By Nicolai Sennels

This contradicts the mainstream, Marxist view that Muslims turn to follow the Qur’an because of poverty and society’s lack of ability to integrate them. Jihad has nothing to do with socioeconomic factors; it has to do with Islam. Via 10news.dk, translated from Uriasposten by Nicolai Sennels:

Researcher in Islamism Marco Goli from Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen concludes that radicalized young Muslims are often what one would consider well-integrated: They are better educated than average and also perform better economically and socially, and will therefore be largely able to maintain a double life.

“In relation to the parameters that we normally measure integration, they are in great shape,” says Marco Goli, who in 2010 co-authored a major study of Islamism from the Centre for Studies in Islamism and Radicalisation at Aarhus University, Denmark. …”


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