Muslims Beat Man for Wearing Tight Pants

A Palestinian citizen of Israel was badly beaten by a crowd of Nablus in the center of the city after he was spotted in tights during a busy and crowded Saturday.

Large numbers of Palestinian citizens of Israel cross the green line to go to the West Bank to shop on weekends.

Sources in Nablus told Gulf News that the victim entered the city wearing tights and reached Al Shuhadaa Roundabout before a woman from the nearby refugee camp of Balatah reacted to the way he was dressed and shouted at him to leave the city immediately.

The man refused and when groups of younger Palestinians became aware of the way the man was dressed, they started harassing him and beat him severely.

Palestinian police were informed and when officers arrived they separated the man from the mob and took him to the Nablus Police headquarters. He was kept there for some time before being released to Israeli authorities via the Palestinian-Israeli Security Coordination Liaison Office.

Nablus sources said that visitors to the city should be decently dressed and respect the city’s customs and traditions.

Pictures of the man dressed in tights swept across social media with calls to “eradicate” such people and never allow them in West Bank cities. Several Palestinians posted their opinions about the man and the way he was treated in Nablus. While the vast majority of comments praised confronting this phenomenon, other posters categorically rejected the way the man was treated, arguing that it was the man’s personal freedom to dress the way he pleased without any societal restrictions.


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