Sons Kill Mother for Leaving Dad ... 30 Years Ago

Two brothers shot and killed their mother on Monday after she insisted on coming to live with them after the death of her second husband.

The woman had separated from her first husband 30 years ago. Police said Kaneez Bibi, 52, had married Rab Nawaz, a resident of Shorkot 34 years ago. The couple had two sons, Mohsin and Imran, but had separated later. Bibi had married a second time. The police identified her second husband as Ahmed.

After Ahmed’s death, Bibi had conveyed to her sons that she wanted to come back to them, the police said, adding her sons had said that they did not want her back and she was dead to them because she had left them and their father for another man.

On Monday, Bibi was standing outside her house when her sons arrived there on a motorcycle and shot her, the police said. She died on the way to hospital.


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