Iranian TV Blames Jews for Holocaust

Following are excerpts from an interview with Palestinian-Lebanese researcher Walid Muhammad Ali, which aired on Al-Alam TV on April, 28, 2014:

Walid Muhammad Ali: It is imperative that we uncover the truth about the Zionist movement's role in the crime [of the Holocaust], which was perpetrated against the Jews, as well as against the Gypsies and many other European minorities.

Interviewer: Are you referring to the doubts over the extent of what occurred?

Walid Muhammad Ali: Indeed, this is a matter of research, yet it is considered taboo in the West, because, obviously, the figures are inflated. On principle, we condemn the killing of even a single person, let alone the killing of thousands or millions. But we must expose the way that the Zionist movement has extorted the entire world, particularly the German people, and at the Palestinian people's expense.


The Nazis perpetrated the Holocaust in collaboration with the Zionist movement.

Under their agreement, the Zionist movement was meant to help the Nazis to shatter the European and international embargo against them, and in return, the Zionist movement would help expel all the Jews from Germany. The Zionist movement helped run the Nazi camps, and helped guard the convoys of Jews, who were sent to the concentration camps and to the prisons, where the Holocaust took place. In exchange for the Zionist movement's help in breaking the economic embargo the Nazi movement would help the Zionist movement transfer the Jewish funds and Jewish youth to Palestine.

See? They aren't all Holocaust deniers! They are more than willing to admit that Jews were responsible for anything bad that may or may not have happened.

They are so moderate!


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