Muslim Wife Killed for Giving Birth to Girl

Two daughters, no sons, surely it is halal to kill her? “Burak Göncü, lawyer for the victim’s family, told the court on June 4 that the husband killed the woman ‘for giving birth to a girl once again’.”
A man in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır, Turkey, called police to inform them that he was murdering his wife, just a day after she gave birth to her second daughter, according to exchanges from a court hearing into the case on June 4.

V.T., 29, killed his wife reportedly by electrocuting her head while she was sleeping in their home on Jan. 25.  M.T., 33, gave birth to her second daughter on Jan. 24 and was discharged from hospital a day later.  Asleep due to fatigue, M.T. was killed by her husband, who allegedly used an electricity cable and gloves to protect himself from the voltage, daily Radikal reported.

“I killed someone, I am giving you the address,” V.T. told police, according to the records.

“Whom did you kill?” asked a police officer on the phone.

“I am killing my wife right now,” said V.T.

“Did you kill her or are you killing her?” the operator asked.

“I swear that she has not died yet, but I am killing her if it is halal for me to kill her,” said V.T.

The operator inquired as to V.T.’s problem with his wife, prompting the suspect to say he would speak with officers when they came to the house.

“I am telling you that I killed my wife; you are asking what the problem was,” said the suspect...


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