Iranian Court Sentences 8 Facebook Administrators to Jail

Tehran, Iran:  Iran’s official news agency is reporting eight Facebook page administrators have been handed jail sentences from eight to 21 years.

The report by IRNA says the defendants are convicted of plotting against national security, spreading propaganda against the ruling system and insulting officials. It did not identify the defendants or the Facebook pages.

The report said Sunday that the court issued its verdict against the eight young Facebook activists in April following several court appearances.

Facebook is officially banned in Iran, as are other popular social media websites like Twitter and YouTube. Their mobile apps are banned as well.

Many Iranians manage to access the banned sites through VPNs and proxy servers.

An Iranian court has sentenced eight people to a combined 123 years in prison for various charges including insulting the country’s supreme leader on Facebook.

The sentencing is the latest in a recent crackdown on Internet freedom in the country. The eight, who were reportedly all Facebook users, were arrested last year by the Cyber Unit of the Revolutionary Guard.

The Revolutionary Court in Tehran gave them prison sentences ranging from seven to 20 years for charges of blasphemy, propaganda against the Iranian state, spreading lies, and insulting Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.



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