Would-be Rapist Targets Mum Look-alike

A taxi driver who attacked an Irish teacher in her house after claiming she left some money in his car has been sentenced to three years in jail.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance also ordered the deportation of the accused, TH, 26, a Bangladeshi after serving his jail term.

TH was convicted of attempt to rape, threatening the victim and theft.

The teacher filed charges against the taxi driver for attempting to rape her and stealing Dh200 from her.

The incident took place at her Al Warqa apartment in Dubai.

TH picked MO from a hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road and after reaching her home in Al Warqa, she paid him Dh41 as taxi fare and an addition of Dh4.

He requested her to give him her phone number and even offered his own in case she needed taxi services later.

"About 20 minutes when I had entered my apartment, I was astonished when he called me up and claimed that I had forgotten my money (Dh50) in his taxi.

The woman tried to explain to him that she hadn’t forgotten any money in his taxi.

She checked her handbag and made sure she hadn’t forgotten any money, but he insisted.

She asked the driver to leave the money at the building reception.

He then asked for her apartment number to give it to the security guard.

He went to up to the apartment and forced his way in.

The suspect gave her the money and asked for a glass of water.

When she went to the kitchen to get him some water, he shut the door.

He claimed she was as beautiful as his mother and told her to call him her son.

The Irish lady asked him to leave, but he threatened to kill her if she didn’t call him 'son'.

He pushed her to the ground, and asked for her handbag.

She told him it was in the bedroom.

He followed her there and pushed her onto the bed.

He snatched Dh200 from the handbag and started to grope and kiss her.

“He threatened to kill me if I refused to comply but I pulled his hair and ran out.

He pushed me and I slumped onto the bathroom floor.”

She then went to her friend’s house and after the man left, and they called the police.

Officers arrested the suspect after the woman identified him from photos sent by the taxi company.

The suspect admitted to prosecutors that he attempted to rape the woman, but denied stealing the money, saying she gave it to him.



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