Radical Imams Penetrate Prisons in Europe & U.S.

Imams with links to radical Islam and been successful in infiltrating the British prison system as Chaplains, and are using their access to radicalize some of the nation’s more than 11,000 Muslim prisoners while pointing them toward extremist paths.

The problem, though, is not limited to Britain. American prisons have been radicalized for years with some laws that are designed to protect religious freedoms actually serving as gateways to allow radical Imams and their literature in.

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Patrick Dunleavy is a former New York Deputy Inspector General in charge of the Criminal Intelligence Division. He teaches a class on terrorism for the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School. He told The Clarion ProjectI do not find it to be an oddity. On the contrary, it is quite common. For years, the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences in Ashburn, VA provided funding, training and literature to correctional institution imams, under the direction of Dr. Taha Jabir Alalwani.”

At this point I thought it prudent to look at Dr. Taha Jabir Alalwani and learn more about him. He has a really nicely written Wikipedia page that makes him look like an all around good guy just trying to explain the Muslim world to Americans. Except that the page only has one source, from our old liberal friends The New York Times.

Anyone who reads Wiki articles knows that each paragraph has to be sourced or noted as un-sourced needing revision. This article has 12 paragraphs with only one source for the one line second paragraph. That source, the said New York Times article on September 30th 2001 includes the following about 9/11:

“(Muslim scholars) said that with the release of the letters by the Justice Department on Friday, it appeared that Muslims were being framed. The attack, they said, could have been the work of an American militia group, a religious cult like Aum Shinrikyo in Japan, or even the Israeli government. Dr. Taha said he was skeptical that Muslims were involved ‘based on who is the beneficiary of the crime,’ adding: ‘The Arabs, they lost a lot. A lot was jeopardized, even their relationship with the U.S’.”

This is the person who is heavily involved in directing Imams into the American prison system and training Imams for the US Department of Defense. A man who would try to convince us three weeks after 9/11 that Muslims were being framed and the Israeli’s might be responsible.

This of course is exactly what Professor Glees from the University of Buckingham is saying. That the British Imams are telling Muslim prisoners that 9/11 is the work of the Jews and the CIA. Far from pacifying prisoners with the ‘religion of peace’ they are being ginned up in both countries to see themselves as victims of the West and Christianity and are then motivated to strike back at it.

In what the Prison Officers Association calls ‘a real problem’ Britain’s jails are turning into a breeding ground for Jihad and the non-Muslim population are increasingly becoming ‘convenience Muslims’ turning to Islam to win benefits, and to gain the status associated with being part of a gang.

Professor Anthony Glees, head of the centre for security and intelligence studies at the University of Buckingham, speaking to the Daily Mail said: “Our prisons have turned into a state-funded breeding ground for extremism. It is completely unacceptable that imams with extremist views are allowed to preach in prisons. What these ‘preachers’ do is put extreme views to prisoners - for example gays should be hanged, the Jews/CIA carried out 9/11, adulteresses should be stoned to death. They foment resentments and when you add extremism to resentment you get radicalisation and ultimately terrorism. Not every radical is a terrorist but every terrorist has been a radical.”

Glees went on to explain that while solutions are complex they can make a start: “We should vet imams much more carefully than we have done in the past; we should stop confusing ‘preachers’ with ‘chaplains’, their religious qualifications should be properly checked, they should be required to preach in English and told they must keep clear of all political issues.”

The Times (of London) named three Imams in the prison system that it identified as specific troublemakers. One is West Bromwich prison chaplain Shaykh Yusuf Az Zahaby, a senior member of the Islamist organisation Al Hikma Media, which has among its ranks a preacher called Shady Suleiman, known for condoning the killing of women who have sex before marriage.

Abdur Raheem Green is from the same organization as Zahaby and believes that beating women will ‘bring them to goodness’. Azadul Hussain meanwhile, who has mentored prisoners in Bedford, has shared material on his Facebook page from MPAC, an extremist group that advocates killing adulterers.

But while the Prison Officers Association regards the congregants of these radicals as ‘the extremists of tomorrow’, Michael Spurr, Chief Executive of the National Offender Management Service, robustly denied that extremist imams had infiltrated the prison system saying:

“These accusations are inaccurate, unfounded and undermine the incredibly important work currently taking place to tackle extremism in prison. Prison Muslim Imams have a critical role in challenging distorted and inappropriate views - to suggest otherwise is simply wrong. Muslim chaplains are subject to rigorous security vetting and checks, as are all prison staff. Any member of staff giving cause for concern will be dealt with robustly. The challenge staff face should not be underestimated but we have a dedicated unit and specific programmes focused on stopping radical extremists from achieving their aims.”

Ghaffar Hussain though, of counter-extremism think-tank Quilliam countered the thinking of Spurr, telling Breitbart London: “We are aware of several individuals employed by the prison service who have links to extremist groups. Prisons are incubators of extremism. Young men are going in petty criminals and coming out extremists.”

The state-funded training of radical Imams and the state-sanctioned indoctrination of both prisoners and armed forces personnel will continue until there is sufficient awareness and outrage on both sides of the Atlantic to stop it.



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