Muslims Complain About Scottie Dogs at Commonwealth Games

The use of the Scottie dogs in the 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony has been branded as “disrespectful” to Muslims around the globe. Dogs are considered “unclean” and cannot be held by people of the faith. However a member of the Malaysian team needed to carry their dog as he refused to walk after his tartan coat was put on.

The Scottie dogs were used as a symbol of Scotland. Each country had their own dog leading them out and each dog wore a tartan coat. It was supposed to show another traditional aspect from the country, and most countries around the world praised the unique decision.

However, some of the Muslim communities have claimed that it was “disrespectful” and that they deserve an apology. The Malaysian community has been extremely vocal about it, considering a team member had to carry the dog out instead of having the dog walk in front. The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party believes that the organizers should have been more aware of the religious views and been more accepting of them.


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