Erratic Rainfall Blamed on Pornography

The chief of Tamale, Dakpema Naa Alhassan Dawuni, has insisted that his resolve to publicly flog to death, the young man at the centre of the Tamale pornographic pictures and videos, is non-negotiable.

He warned that even if the young man, Khamil, stays away from Tamale for decades, he would still be dealt with, in a move akin to Sharia law, to serve as a deterrent to other youth within the metropolis,.

The chief indicated that never in the history of the metropolis had residents been humiliated that much, reiterating that he would stop at nothing in having Khamil, who is domiciled in Canada, severely punished.

“No one, not even the Regional Police Commander, can compel me to back down on this decision,” he remarked.

Dakpema threatened to banish the young man’s parents from Tamale and demolish their house if they failed to produce him within a stipulated period.

He observed that Khamil’s conduct was responsible for the erratic rainfall pattern affecting farming activities in the area.

Coincidentally, there came a heavy downpour soon after granting the interview to journalists, which lasted about 18 hours and trapped residents at their homes.

The same chief had earlier threatened to banish persons captured in the leaked video footages if they failed to collectively produce two cows and four rams.

Dakpema Naa Alhassan Dawuni, through his secretary/spokesperson, Mohammed Rashid, last week summoned parents of the over 30 girls and the young man to produce two cows and four rams.

The two rams, according to the palace spokesperson, which must be black and white in colour, would be used to atone for the crime and pacify the Gods respectively.

The four rams, it was disclosed, would be given to some powerful Imams in the city for Quran recitations to seek the face of Allah for forgiveness for the girls and their families.

He disclosed that the boy in question would additionally be subjected to 100 hot strokes of the whip by palace guards to serve as a deterrent to other youth in the area.

Meanwhile, Khamil has since apologized to the ladies and their parents for the leakages, indicating that it was not the source of the leakage for which his family was being threatened.

According to him, the pictures were taken with the mutual consent of the ladies for private purposes, but someone stole his hard drive and decided to go public with them. ”

I never leaked them myself and I never intended for them to be made public. I would never purposely publish such images of anyone, especially of ladies I dated and care about, most of whom remained my good friends until this unfortunate situation happened. Some of the ladies and their families are close friends with my family so there is no way I will ever do anything of this sort just to embarrass them."

He appealed to the police to pursue and arrest the person purported to have leaked the tape which he claimed had resulted in finger pointing at the ladies – some of who have since fled the town to unknown destinations.


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