Commander-in-Chief Dishonors Marines with Latte Salute

They should be glad that he even bothered with a halfhearted salute. He’s an important man with a lot on his mind. He has a lot of golf games to play, a lot of fundraisers to attend and a lot of lattes to drink.

When you’re busy transforming America into a debt-ridden mess, you don’t have time for niceties like proper salutes to an oppressive patriarchal institution that embodies white privilege.

President Obama clumsily saluted a pair of U.S. Marines on Tuesday with a disposable coffee cup still in his hand, just hours after signing off on further military action in Syria.

“Disgusting! As a 22yr veteran I am appalled that the POTUS would render such a sloppy and rude salute,” one user commented.

“Saluting with a cup of coffee?! I love Obama, but as a Marine I disapprove of that 100%,” another commenter wrote.

U.S. service members are required to salute the President in most situations, but the President isn’t necessarily required to salute back.

Presidents since Ronald Reagan, nevertheless, have traditionally offered the salute in return.

Those were American presidents. The salutes are disposable and dispensable for Post-American presidents. Just like America itself.


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