Saudis Outraged Over Girl's Uncovered Head

A girl who performed on stage in Saudi Arabia with make-up and uncovered hair has been facing criticism in the social media, a report said on Sunday.

The girl participated in a theatre play with a few other children last Wednesday.

People criticised 11-year-old Jenna Al Shammari for not covering her hair and wearing red lipstick and performing in front of male audience. Some people even called her ‘immodest’ as she did not wear the hijab (head cover), Saudi Gazette reported.

A King Khalid University professor said the girl’s appearance transcended all boundaries of modesty and he held her parents responsible for her action.

However, there were many others who praised the girl and described her detractors as “people with extreme mentalities”.

Fayez Al Malki, a well-known Saudi comedian, told the critics to mind their own business and leave the girl alone.

Jenna’s father said he would take legal action against those who used inappropriate words to describe his daughter on Twitter and other social media websites.

“My daughter is a young girl! She is not as old as was reported on the social media. Besides, she sang in front of senior government officials with other children,” the report quoted her father as saying.


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