Sharia Cops Take Down Lesbian Couple

A lesbian couple was arrested by religious officers yesterday during a raid of a budget hotel in Malaysia.

Nine officers from the Johor Islamic Religious Department raided their room in Johor Bahru at around 12.45am, the Sinar Harian newspaper reported.

One of the women answered the door while the other was naked in the bathroom. 

The women, both students aged 20 and 21, were not initially suspected of breaching 'close proximity' laws but officers became wary when the women remained silent as they searched the room.

When a sex toy was found, one of the women admitted they were a lesbian couple. On further questioning, she said they had not yet used the toy, which had just been removed from its packaging after recently being bought online.

The women were arrested for lesbian sex under section 26 of the state’s Shariah law and taken to a police station for booking, then to the religious department's office for further action.

They could face up to three months in jail, six cane strokes and a fine of RM5,000.

Sisters In Islam (SIS) has urged the religious department to conduct a thorough investigation of the women.

SIS legal officer Rashidi Abd Rahim told the Raykat Post that the news report failed to show any criminal element and prosecutors had to prove that a sex act had taken place.

“Otherwise we will open the flood gates with people prosecuted based on an accusation,” he said.

He added that he hoped the women would be given adequate legal representation.


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