Muslims fear backlash from people they keep killing

By Daniel Greenfield

It is important to remember that the real story is not the Jews, Atheists and Christians in France who fear being killed by Muslims…

…but the Muslims who fear being mildly harassed by the Jews, Atheists and Christians they haven’t killed yet.

In fact the latest hostage taker in France has already expressed concern about an Islamophobic backlash from the people he has taken hostage.

“I can’t let down my guard for a minute,” the worried terrorist reportedly said. “If I stopped holding a gun on them, then they and the police would attack me at any minute for no other reason than that I am Muslim.”

Across France, many Muslims have expressed similar concerns.

“When I am burning a car these days, I get these looks,” said Ahmed A. “as if I am beneath them because I am a Muslim and burning a car.”

There are similar worries in Australia where after the Sydney Siege and murder of two Australians by a Muslim Sheikh, some Muslims, who were not even killing people at the time, reportedly suffered dirty looks.

The problem has spread even to the Islamic State which is very worried about a backlash from the thousands of Kurds, Christians and others it has killed.

And the Islamic State in Nigeria, also known as Boko Haram, which killed two thousand people on Wednesday, is also deeply concerned.

“This insane Islamophobia must stop. Why do they hate our peaceful religion?” Demanded Boko Haram leader Hodofo Simaru, a name which roughly translates to Kill All Non-Muslims, Burn Their Books and Steal Their iPhones. “We are very worried now that there will be a backlash against us by all the Christians we haven’t killed yet.”


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