Not all Muslims are terrorists but 31% in America have murder in their hearts

By David Lawrence

I do not understand what liberals mean when they say that not all Muslims are killers.  I understand that not all killers are Muslims. 

But whether all Muslims are or are not  killers is irrelevant.  Studies vary, but one Pew report says that 31 percent of Muslims in America have murder or suicide bombing in their hearts.

Consider that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.  That means that if you reproduce the Pew results globally, approximately 480 million Muslims are potential killers.  That’s more than the total American population.

Consider that there are only 22 million Jews in the world.  And Jews don’t have the impulsion of the Koran leading them to murder for adultery, honor, or apostasy.  Thus, of the 22 million Jews, probably an infinitesimal number have killing in their hearts.

If every Jew transformed into a murderer the Jews would have only about 20 percent of the potential Muslim killers.  So when a liberal says that the Muslims are not that bad and that we shouldn’t profile them, turn your head to the liberal’s profile and say, “You facilitate evil. ”

It’s time the good Muslims cleaned house.  It’s time they swept the jihadists and terrorists into the well.

It’s time the liberals stopped speaking up for them.  It’s time the misogynistic, self-punishing feminists quit supporting Muslim barbarity.

It’s time we stopped applauding the revolt against traditional values and recognized that our supposedly outdated forefathers were actually right.

It’s time Muslims reformed their religion.  Call it the Muslim Reformation.  The mosque has become corrupt like the Catholic Church before the Reformation.  

A religion that promulgates violence has forfeited its right to be a religion.  There is no love in a beheading.  There is no spiritual beauty in an amputation.


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