Students speak out against school's prohibition of American flags


By Tessa DiTirro

At the Belmont (Ohio) Career Center students were being told they cannot fly flags off of their cars and pickup trucks in the school parking lot.

A Belmont Career Center senior speaks to reporters.

A Belmont Career Center senior speaks to reporters.

"I just wanna know why we can't fly our flags," said senior at Belmont Career Center, Seth Anderson.

Seth, and other students, are offended. Many of the students family and friends who have served in the military. Parents and students have been calling and asking school officials why they would implement a policy that seems unpatriotic. 

"They have not given us a reason they have not given us any information on why we cannot fly our flags. They just keep us from coming into the school, and if we come into the school we have to have them taken down or they will write us up or get us in trouble," said Anderson.

"I love the flag, so, I love seeing them out there being patriotic I think there's not enough patriotic people out there," said Rob Anderson, Seth's father and U.S. veteran. 

Tensions were high and the board assured students that this rule is not intended to be unpatriotic, but is in place as a safety precaution. The superintendent said that the school has more rules than state highway patrol, which allows these types of flags on cars. Their concern is that the flags are not secured and will be a safety issue like impairing vision or falling. 

"I think they need some time to think about what went on and what they are going to do about it. It's a very sensitive subject for a lot of people," Rob Anderson said. 

No official decisions were made at the meeting, but when the boys left they were still carrying their flags with pride. 

"I'm proud of the boys for standing up for something, something with a good cause," said Rob Anderson.

"People die for our flag everyday, we should show some respect and fly our flags proudly," said Seth Anderson.

The school board has promised to address the issue within a week. Students say they are not backing down, they will be flying their flags on their vehicles and some are even considering painting their trucks with the American flag.


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