Hillary Clinton leads field in number of fake Twitter followers

From Dailymail.com

By J. Taylor Rushing

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is in first place in another, more dubious category - the highest number of fake followers on Twitter.

A total of 41 percent of the accounts following the former secretary of state and presidential contender do not belong to a real man or woman, according to a Web site called TwitterAudit that ferrets out fake accounts.

The result is that Clinton is left with a total 'real' following of 59 percent - more than any other Democratic or Republican candidate.

TwitterAudit allows visitors to enter any Twitter handle, and audit its percentage of real versus fake followers.

Fake followers are determined by the frequency of their own tweets - 'number of tweets, date of the last tweet, and ratio of followers to friends,' according to the site.

The site says it is not affiliated with Twitter and acknowledges 'this scoring method is not perfect.'

Among the 15 Republicans running for president, TwitterAudit gives the award for most fake followers to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, 36 percent of whose followers are not real.

Billionaire Donald Trump and retired surgeon Ben Carson are close behind, both with 34 percent fake followers.

Who wins for the most authentic count of followers on Twitter? Among Democrats it is no contest - 90 percent of Sen. Bernie Sanders' followers are real, while among Republican candidates Rand Paul takes first place with 79 percent.

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