Girl's viral video puts ISIS, U.S. leaders in their place


About two weeks ago, ISIS let the world know that they have not been contained like President Obama assured us.

The attacks they launched in Paris that left 130 dead will be remembered for many years to come as the day that France realized just how great the threat of terrorism is.

If the world wasn’t paying attention to ISIS before, they are now.  People are expressing their feelings about ISIS in many different ways on several platforms but this video from a Colorado college student is getting some significant attention. And rightfully so.

Dear ISIL; this message is for you. Game on.

Posted by Emily Longworth on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nailed it!

In just a few days, this video has been viewed 7 million times.

She clearly articulated one key thought that many Americans have on their minds.

Just because our president has no idea what he is doing on the terrorism front, doesn’t mean the American public doesn’t understand the need to confront this threat.

ISIS is going to get what they have coming to them, one way or another.


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