German lawmakers finally stand up to the burqa

From MailOnline

By Allan Hall

Lawmakers in Germany's biggest state are demanding new laws outlawing the wearing of the burqa.

The conservative Christian Social Union (CSU), which is the sister party in the state to the ruling CDU of Chancellor Angela Merkel, is pressing Berlin to support the measure.

It claims the piece of clothing worn by traditional Muslims is not compatible with Western ideals of sexual equality.

'The law on a burqa ban should be quickly passed by the government,' said Ilse Aigner, finance minister in Bavaria.

'It is first and foremost about showing one's face. It's about living together as a society and seeing one another.

'It doesn't fit to our society to hide oneself, and it contradicts our idea of sexual equality.'

The CSU politician was adamant that if the law was passed it had to apply to tourists coming to the country as well.

Aigner added: 'When I went to Iran I followed the instructions of the country and wore a headscarf. 

'Likewise I expect women from the Arab world that they don't cover their faces when they come here. Such laws don't just apply to people with German passports.'

Bavaria already has a law on the statute books banning teachers from wearing burqas in schools.

It is unclear what Mrs Merkel's position on a ban would be, but she is desperate to appease the CSU at the moment as it threatens to sabotage her open door refugee policy.


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