New ISIS photos feature children, deadly weapons as props

From MailOnline

By Jay Akbar

ISIS has released two shocking photos of baby boys posing next to assault rifles which dwarf their tiny frames.

In one propaganda image, a young black boy gives the one fingered ISIS salute to the camera while surrounded by AK47s and a grenade.

The ammunition belt from a light machine gun is draped over the shoulder of another, equally young boy, in a second photo, shared online by ISIS supporters and terror experts.

Completely oblivious to the death machine lying at his feet, a massive smile is plastered across his face. 

It is far from the first time ISIS has released propaganda images featuring young children.

Footage from August showed a baby-faced boy, no older than three, beheading his teddy bear in a shocking reflection of ISIS's gruesome execution videos.

Holding up the toy's severed head, the boy lifted his knife triumphantly into the air as a man behind the camera yelled 'takfir!' - a derogatory word used to describe non-believers. 

The boy's clothes resembled those of Mohammed Emwazi, who was responsible for the murders of at least five western hostages since he beheaded American journalist James Foley in August 2014. 

The amateur video was not as professionally produced as previous ISIS footage. 

The disturbing video sparked outrage online. A Syrian man on Twitter described it as 'a perfect symbolisation of a destroyed childhood'.

Julie Lenarz from the Human Security Centre think tank called it 'child abuse of the most wicked sort' - while several suggested he was being 'brainwashed' into carrying out beheadings when he grows up. 

Counter-terrorism experts told MailOnline that ISIS moulds young children into killers by hijacking their education - and minds - from a very early age.

It has released videos of young boys learning how to use deadly automatic rifles and being taught Islamic State's twisted ideology in schools run by the terror group.

ISIS has reprogrammed their young and impressionable minds into those of killers by, according to Steve Emerson, executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

He said: 'Indoctrinating kids with ISIS fanaticism is not only the easiest population to indoctrinate but also produces new generations of ISIS believers and... at some point fighters.'

'Their goal is to rebuild the Islamic societies they have conquered into a global comprehensive Islamist system that... takes over all aspects of society from garbage collection to teaching at the Madrassats [religious schools].' 

In July, a small child was filmed beheading a human victim in the first ISIS video of its kind.  

It is thought he killed the unnamed Syrian soldier in Homs province of Syria after the man was captured at nearby army checkpoint 

The victim was thought to be stationed in the ancient city of Palmyra, where ISIS have destroyed another priceless monument today. 

That video was also shared by ISIS soldiers who praised the young boy, thought to be no older than 10, for executing an enemy fighter.  

The regime soldier was forced onto his stomach as the young boy approached him from behind, pulled his head back and used the knife to decapitate him.

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