Wisconsin mayor openly blasts Obama on Facebook

From Talking Points Memo

By Caitlyn Cruz

The mayor of a northwestern Wisconsin city came under fire Monday for his Facebook post in which he called President Barack Obama a Muslim who has "destroyed the fabric of democracy" along with his wife First Lady Michelle Obama.

Five city council members want Superior, Wis. Mayor Bruce Hagen to retract the Facebook comment under a picture of First Lady Obama, which, according to WDIO, read, "Unbelievable! She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of democracy that was so very hard fought for!"

Superior, Wis. Mayor Bruce Hagen

Superior, Wis. Mayor Bruce Hagen

Hagen, who is in his fifth term as mayor, told WDIO his comment is an expression of free speech.

One city council member called the mayor's comments "inappropriate."

"How can we have a non-partisan elected mayor who has to work with elected officials, including the president's office, making these comments?" Graham Garfield told WDIO.

City Council President Tom Fennessey said Hagen's comments were personal and not germane to city business.


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